Cava – 3 reasons to be cheerful!

‘CAVA: Traditionally made Spanish sparkling wines (using methods similar to Champagne). The Cavas imported by Honest2Goodness are from a company called Dominio de la Vega in the region of Utiel-Requena, close to Valencia.’

The word ‘Cava’ is peppering a few of our conversations at Honest2Goodness at the moment. Three reasons – one, Dominio de la Vega have two of their Cavas in the recently published ’50 Great Sparkling Wines in the World’ their Brut Reserva Especial (joint third at 95 points) and their Brut Pinot Noir (scoring 88 points). Their Cavas have been awarded top Cava in Spain on more than once occasion, but its great to see them feature so highly on an international comparison.

Cartel Alphons Mucha_Baja Res

The second reason is that Cava Bodega has opened its doors in Galway, to take up where the original Cava Tapas Restaurant left off at the beginning of 2013.  So, JP & Drigin have found a new home for their wonderful Spanish cooking, using lots of local Irish produce, matching with wines, sherries, beers and ciders – cant wait to try it soon.

Cava Kitchen Range

Photos from the new Cava Bodega website at

We are delighted that Jp & Drigin have chosen some of our wines as part of their eclectic and interesting wine list, including our Cava Brut Rosado from Dominio de la Vega… and this oaked sauvignon, also from Dominio de la Vega

The third reason that ‘CAVA’ is in our conversations at the moment is that Natalia from Dominio de la Vega will be in Dublin later this month, and as part of her visit, Paul at BlackPig Wines in Donnybrook is hosting an evening of Cava and still wine tasting with some of his wonderful jamon:

Embedded image permalink

At its best, Cava can rival Champagne for taste and quality and offers excellent value for money. At Dominio de la Vega, they use 100% Macabeo grape for their Cava Brut, 100% Garnacha for their Cava Brut Rosado and a blend of Macabeo and Chardonnay for their Cava Brut Especial Reserva. They also produce a range of still wines which include local grape variety Bobal.

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