Waxing lyrical about Greek wines

We recently travelled to Prowein and Vinitaly Wine Fairs to ‘recruit’ some new wines to expand, improve and freshen up our wine portfolio.

One of the highlights for me was meeting the Sales Mng from Estate Argyros a top producer from Santorini in Greece famed for its dry and mineral scented white wines made mainly from the Assyrtiko grape. What we didnt realise is that the same grape varieties can also produce amazing sweet wines, the best of which can outshine their Tuscan counterparts.

The dry wines we already import have lots of complexity and freshness ā€“ they are also fabulous food wines and cellar really well giving masses of pleasure years after the vintage.

We met Stefanos on the Sunday afternoon in Prowein and I was impressed with his total professionalism and enthusiasm; he is a great ambassador for Argyros, Santorini and Greek Wines (a wine producing country on the up and one to watch).


We tasted the new vintages of the dry white wines and as usual they didn’t disappoint. He asked myself and my colleague Kenny to taste the VinSanto’s and I was thinking of saying ‘hard sell etc etc’ but happily I said ‘yes lets have a quick taste’. Stefanos seemed really proud of these wines as the VinSanto tradition goes back to the 8th century. The explosion of flavours on the palate on these sweet wines was amazing. The wines are made from the same white grape varities but picked very late and aged in bottle the wines turn a copper colour. The intense caramel, toffee and cooked fig flavours are balanced by an incredible acidity that keeps the whole thing fresh. The best bit is that saline acidity remains giving the whole wine a great kick of salted caramel!

‘Nichy’ and hard sell they might be but they will definitely be making their way to these shores on our next order!

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